Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Say what? #6

"During the fitting, it was not about 'is that a good image for a computer?', which nowadays is how everybody looks at fashion, but instead what you would want to keep and wear season after season."

- Lucas Ossendrijver, Lanvin's menswear designer

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The YUK Challenge

As I stated before, I went on a pre-internet experience thanks to Diesel and the relaunch of the YUK!

I am not one of those people who share every single detail of their lives on Facebook or Twitter, but quite honestly it was hard to stay away from social networks. They are great platforms that not only allow you to keep in touch with the ones you know, but also keep up to date with news, for example.

The most difficult part was to feel that I was missing all the posts from the blogs I follow and all the fashion news. The fact that you can use Facebook and Twitter to find most of the important information you need does make your life easier.

Well, without social networks (and taking into account it has been raining nonstop in Lisbon), I decided this was a good time to catch up with my magazines reading. I truly like magazines, especially fashion magazines.

Anyway, I thought it would be intereting to let you know about the ones I read this last days: Monocle, Tendencias Fashion Mag and Vogue Hommes International.

The February issue of Monocle has a quite interesting article on Central Saint Martins, the school (just to name a few, because the list is really long...) Riccardo Tisci, Alexander McQueen or Christopher Kane  graduated from.

This Tendencias issue is actually from December... (I really needed to catch up with my reading, see?!) It has a two-page article about ModaLisboa's last edition, where designers such as Ricardo Andrez or Ricardo Dourado are mentioned.

Finally, Vogue Hommes Internationational has a really good piece on Haider Ackermann's life and career. You should check it out!

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The YUK Challenge - 3 days offline

The blog is going on a pre-internet experience...! Diesel is relaunching the YUK shoes and invited me to be offline for three days!

No Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram. Can you imagine? That's how life was 20 years ago. That's how life was when Diesel first launched the YUK shoes back in 1993. Now, in 2013, YUK are back. The pre-internet shoes are relaunched in an era when posting, sharing, liking or tweeting became everyday activities.

Well, you - who will not be offline... - can find out more about the YUK and this challenge on www.diesel.com/yuk.

See you in three days!