Monday, June 11, 2012

Romeo Street @ My Own Project

It is with great pleasure that I share some really good news - from this week on, the blog My Own Project will feature some of Romeo Street's pictures. 

My Own Project is a blog created by Portuguese Ana Carneiro. At her blog, you can see her personal style, learn some lifestyle tips, as well as follow her work, whether it is product or fashion design. Next fall, she will move to London to study at Central Saint Martins.

Ana will pick some photos on a weekly basis to feature on her own blog. You can see the first post here.

Hope you all enjoy it.
Thank you, Ana.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Roxana, Lisbon

Walking down a street, I saw Roxana working at a store in downtown Lisbon. Her exotic face and this super simple yet so elegant look totally caught my eye. I decided to go into the store and ask her if she could come outside so I could take a picture of her. She looked at me surprised and then asked the store manager if it was ok... I don't like bothering people, especially when they're working, but in this case I would say it was totally worth it.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Maaike, Amsterdam

Taking photos is usually a solo activity for me. It's difficult to walk around and take pictures when you are talking to your friends or doing some other thing. I just need to feel free and let people catch my attention... That's why sometimes it is difficult to take photos while I'm travelling. 

I'm obviously attracted to these different outfits and the way people mix things, but the need to enjoy and see the city just makes it more difficult to stop every now and then to photograph someone. Not to mention I don't want to be the one who drags everyone down.

In my last trip, I noticed Maaike after leaving the Amsterdam Museum. Her easiness just caught my attention. I had not photographed anyone in Amsterdam to this moment and, as we were running to the next museum, I was just going to let it go. Again. Fortunately, my good friend Diogo just looked at me and unexpectedly said: "She looks so stylish!". That was all I needed to hear to approach Maaike and ask if I could take her picture.